Film, TV and Video production.

Films by the Film, TV & Video Production level 5 students.

The  Film Production course introduces students to a range of techniques and skills necessary for a successful career in the world of filmmaking. Students develop literacy in visual storytelling and design by turning their own creative ideas and concepts into fully developed short films and studio based TV programmes. This years films are remarkable in light of the restrictions under which the students worked. Much of what is on show was filmed with smartphones and edited with free online editing software. The beauty of ingenuity is what is on show this year.

My Weekend – Written and directed by Callum Buckley

A young man has trouble with a home invader.

What have I learned……. A film by Clare Breen.

Relaxing, reading and catching up with friends, well, kinda.

‘Allure’ a film by Natalia Wadja 

Charles is a person who is always the life and soul of the party. But he hides something that others would never expect.

Diego Marcelino – Lockdown

Alone and isolated, a young woman connects with the world again as she floats on the music that rises above the somber suburbs.

Doreen Manning – 3 Little Piggies

It huffed and it puffed, but the ill wind of covid could not blow this cafe down.

‘Day trip’ a film by Caoimhe Kelleher

A ‘moo-ving’ story of an Aliens first contact with ‘Earthlings

Quarantine by Mollie Walsh

Away from home for the first time, a young woman reflects on the ‘steady wave of frenzied silence’ during lockdown.

Éadaoin O’Shea Costly – The Painting

A woman has stolen a paranormal painting of a girl with scars. She is to receive a visit from a woman saying that she looks like the girl in the painting.

The Grey Area

The grey area looks at the effects the pandemic has had on young people

SJC News March 2021

News from the end of the world

Films by the Film, TV and Video production course – Level 6

Our students are immersed in hands on filmmaking, enhancing core competencies in areas such as documentary filmmaking, directing actors for film, sound production, design, and advanced camera. Students work with state of the art industry standard cameras and equipment in modern facilities. These 4, intimate stories are remarkable when considering that this year, the students films were shot within 3 rooms, 2 exterior locations over 3 weeks while maintaining social distancing.  

Production photos from the making of ‘That’s no way to get along’

‘That’s no way to get along’ – Adam Wilson 

The Filming of ‘Jesse’.

‘Jesse’ – Kyle McCarthy

Filming ‘It happens’.

‘It Happens’ – Iona Tanner Hayes

Production photographs from ‘Unrequited’.

‘Unrequited’ by Dylan Halpin-Hurley

Cutting Weight:  Director  Dylan Halpin-Hurley

A man, a mirror and a shirt.

Superhuman vs Fly : Director Steve Ranjan

A young man must call on all his reserves when a fly enters his life!

The Eternal Internal : Director Iona Tanner-Hayes

The inner turmoil we experience is not always obvious to those around us.

Missing Pieces : Director Adam Wilson

A challenging jigsaw puzzle features in this story of love and loss

Final Day : Director Zuzanna Walska

A co-worker from hell can push anyone over the edge!

Germs : Director Brian Daly

A St John’s student navigates college life in COVID times!

Hidden Homeless – Paul Shiels

David discusses the hardships and perseverance he and his family had in the Summer of 2018 when they became homeless and had to live in a tent. During this time, he created an illustrated novel ‘Home’, which displays his thoughts and feelings on becoming part of the “Hidden Homeless” crisis

“The McCarthy Brothers” Documentary. Director Bayley White

“Munster House 1942-2016” Documentary Director Richard Mee

A selection of scale models and other work in STUDIO SET DESIGN

A selection of scale models and other work in STUDIO SET DESIGN