Fine Art course

Congratulations to this year’s Fine Art graduates. Your creativity and wonderful personalities were like a bright light in uncertain times. It was a pleasure to work with you during your studies in St. John’s Central College. Wishing you all every success on your creative journey.

The fine art staff

Paintings, sculptures and prints by the fine art students

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Shaoifrá Ducker

“The unity of a text is not in its origin, it is in its destination.”
This body of work at the beginning of the year was originally inspired by the raw parts of love and life. It subconsciously intertwined throughout every artwork I created. The work strives for the weird and wonderful, and I attempted to execute that in every piece I created. The techniques or materials I used differed depending on my mental state. Each artwork showed an insight of my inner most turmoil; or were influenced by the peculiar things I found intriguing.

I have a passion for portraits and realism as I find the human form simply fascinating, in all our differences and what some  would view as flaws, I find the beauty it. In wrinkles, in freckles, in smile lines I see perfection. What I love most about painting is capturing another through the artists eyes. I wanted my pieces to be thought provoking and cause a personal connection for the viewer. While also being completely honest and not straying from the realities of life..

Aoife Claffey

In my art I try to explore the chaotically colourful ambience of life. I am inspired by the relationships I have with the world, with myself and others. So here you have a look at the world through my lens, I hope to have visually captured the vibes that I give and receive. ​

Helen Cotter

A collection of works inspired by objects and spaces.

Martina Hooley

‘The Cosmos is within us. We are a way for the universe to know itself.’ – Karl Sagan

Reflecting on the last two years, I have found that connection, my relationship with myself , others and  my environment defines the work I have created.

Immersion in a learning environment that supports, encourages and inspires creativity despite a pandemic, has helped develop resilience and confidence in my practice and I look forward to the future with hope

Nick Lynch

Marissa Lotty

The only overlapping theme for my work this year seems to be colour

I feel I really took this time to explore my relationship with it and used it quite expressively towards the end of the year.

I have a new found love of oil paint, I think. It’s potentially my favourite medium and I feel it’s really shown me what I could be capable of. I worked a lot with prints too this year, as well as having a love/hate relationship with anything 3D.

As a whole, I think I spent the year branching out a lot on my art, and with what I’m comfortable with creating.

To those it concerns, I hope you enjoy what I came up with, and I think it’s all down to the incredibly supportive environment found at St John’s (specifically Browns AP class)

Ciara Mac Sweeny

My work comes from a love of pop art, grunge and portraiture. 

My experience of chronic migraine and study of Applied Psychology filters through to my artwork. Lucid dreams and the metaphysical world greatly interest me.

Sculpture inspired by Cork docklands by Ciara MacSweeney

Kyle Murphy


Jim McSweeney

Aoife Mooney

I am especially moved by place and so, much of the work I have made to date is my expression of how that place made me feel..

Mixed media nest 2

Mixed media nest 3

Cian O’Driscoll

At the end of my 2nd Year at St Johns I have definitely found that portraits are my favourite thing to do whether it be pencil or paint. 

I love the intensity!

Cathryn O’Sullivan

My paintings are metaphysical by nature, drawing upon internal sensory experiences within that moment. I look at shapes within the space itself, and intuitively allow the process to come about through whatever materials are required to create the shape. My paintings are of themselves, independent of any conscious reasoning, as I experience them as momentarily moving through.

Lauryn O’Connor

Lucy Sweeney

Much of my work deals with the connection between us and the world around us.

I find great inspiration in the ocean and seashells which presents itself in much of my work.

I also enjoy self-portraiture and the introspective nature of it.